Safe water for humans and the enviroment

BioCell Analytica performs effect-based analyses in cells to detect health and environmentally hazardous contaminants in water, soil and sediment

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With our methods, you can ensure that the drinking water is not contaminated by hazardous chemicals.

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Our methods can map the presence and treatment efficiency of pollutants in wastewater.

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Our methods demonstrate the total effect, the so-called cocktail effect, which occurs when several substances interact.

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To reduce the risks of chemical pollution, the water industry needs to evaluate new treatment technologies.

The whole iceberg, not just the tip
Tens of thousands of chemicals can potentially contaminate our waters. Despite that, chemical hazards in water is currently monitored mainly by target chemical analysis, a methodology that only detects a very limited number of all the chemical substances that can contaminate water. 

Many international research studies have shown that up to 99% of the effects that can be detected with effect-based methods cannot be explained by the chemicals identified by chemical analysis. A vast majority of the toxicity is caused by unknown chemicals or cocktail effect. Thus, focusing only on the concentrations of known chemicals resembles looking only on the tip of an iceberg. With such a strategy, there is a great risk that chemical hazards from unknown compounds or cocktail effects pass undiscovered. Effect-based methods allow us to gain a holistic view of chemical hazards in water, by looking on the entire iceberg of effects.

The solution
BioCell Analytica offers effect-based methods to detect chemical contaminants in the environment e.g., in drinking water, wastewater, surface water, soil, and sediment. Our methods detect and quantify the combined effect
of all chemical compounds in a sample instead of analyzing concentrations of a few selected compounds. Toxic effects from chemical contaminants are detected with a battery of tests in mammalian cell lines. Our methods assess effects of both known and unknown toxic chemicals and show the combined effect, the so-called cocktail effect, which occurs when several chemicals interact.

With effect-based methods, the total effect of all compounds with a common mode of action is measured, both known and unknown compounds. BioCell Analytica offers effect-based methods that can be used to ensure drinking water safety, wastewater treatment efficiency, surface water quality in environmental monitoring as well as to evaluate efficiency of novel treatment techniques for water. Our methods can also be used to detect hazardous compounds in solid matrices such as sediment and soil.


”BioCell Analyticas analysmetoder hjälper vår reningsprocess dagligen”

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