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Wastewater treatment and recipient water impact

“We were able to draw conclusions that were previously not possible. For example, we were able to quantify that conventional wastewater treatment removes >80% of toxic effects, including known and unknown substances and combined cocktail effects.”

Effect-based methods for drinking water monitoring

“Knowledge about cocktail effects is limited, and as interest in reusing wastewater for drinking water purposes increases, it is crucial to use all available tools to monitor water quality.”

Kenneth M Persson – professor vid Teknisk Vattenresurslära på Lunds universitet

Removal of pharmaceutical residues at Nolhaga wastewater treatment plant

During 2021 Alingsås municipality investigated two options for the removal of pharmaceutical residues; ozonation in combination with GAC filtration and biological filtration with BAC. They decided to complement chemical analysis with effect-based methods when evaluating the removal efficiency in the two treatment lines.

Staffan Kaltin, projektledare Alingsås Kommun

Elin Lavonen

Water specialist, PhD in environmental assessment 

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The great strength with our effect-based methods is that they detect and quantify toxic effects of all chemical contaminants in a sample, instead of the current approach where concentrations of a few selected chemicals are measured.

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