BioCell Analytica was founded by researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. We offer effect-based methods developed in research


Johan Lundqvist

Associate Professor of Molecular Toxicology
Co-founder of BioCell Analytica

+46 (0)70-420 05 60

Johan Lundqvist is an associate professor of molecular toxicology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and has experience of leading several large research projects with funding from the Formas Research Council and the Swedish Research Council. The research aims to develop effect-based methods for investigating the presence of hazardous chemicals in the environment, especially the aquatic environment. The research is conducted in close collaboration with several large companies and municipalities in the water sector. Johan Lundqvist has many years of experience in biomedical research in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the USA.

Agneta Oskarsson

Professor of Food Toxicology
Co-founder of BioCell Analytica

+46 (0)73-621 42 37

Agneta Oskarsson is professor emerita of food toxicology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She has more than 40 years of experience in toxicological research and risk assessment from academia, industry and both Swedish and European governmental agencies. Her research has been focused on the effects on human health of chemical contaminants in food and drinking water – and how new technologies from the field of molecular biology can be used to detect hazardous chemicals in these matrices.

Elin Lavonen

Water specialist, PhD in environmental assessment 

+46 (0)73-507 04 93

Elin Lavonen holds a Ph.D. in environmental analysis from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Since completing her doctorate, she has worked at various organizations, including Norrvatten and Stockholm Water and Waste. Since 2021, she has been employed as a water specialist at BioCell Analytica. Additionally, she holds a part-time position as a Professor of Practice in water purification technology at Aalto University in Finland.

Ingrid Lyttkens is a Business Development Professional in sales and marketing at BioCell Analytica. She brings several years of experience in Life Sience and company development. Ingrid joined BioCell Analytica in November 2023.

Anna Helsing works as a technical sales representative at BioCell Analytica. Anna has many years of experience in sales and has been actively working in the water and sewage industry for 10 years. Anna started at BioCell Analytica in July 2024.

Geeta Mandava

Laboratory Manager

Geeta Mandava is the Laboratory Manager at BioCell Analytica. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biotechnology from Heidelberg University in Germany and brings many years of experience in cultivating various types of mammalian cells and conducting effect-based measurements. Geeta has been with BioCell Analytica since its foundation in 2019

Kevin Kok-Phen Yan

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

Kevin Kok-Phen Yan has been working as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist at BioCell Analytica since January 2024. Kevin holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and has several years of work experience in the industry.

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