Wastewater treatment

Effect-based methods can be used to investigate the occurrence of hazardous contaminants in wastewater

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Wastewater treatment

Wastewater contains many chemical contaminants, such as household chemicals and pharmaceutical residues. Conventional wastewater treatment is not optimized to remove micropollutants, which leads to contaminants being released into the environment. BioCell Analytica’s methods can be used to investigate the presence of hazardous chemicals in both incoming and treated wastewater and to evaluate how efficiently these pollutants are removed in the treatment plant. Our methods have been used in studies at several of Sweden’s largest sewage treatment plants.


Examples of how our methods have been used

“More than 80% of the toxic effects were removed


Gisela Holm, Senior Consultant and Ecotoxcologist at Sweco, Sweden.

The evaluation with effect-based methods was the most interesting part of the whole project!”

Staffan Katlin, projektledare Alingsås Kommun

Staffan Kaltin, Project Manager at Alingsås Municipality, Sweden.

Download White Paper

In our White Paper “Kemiska föroreningar i avloppsvatten – nya innovativa analysmetoder” (October 2022), you can read more about how effect-based analytics methods can be used to control chemical contaminants in our wastewater.The White Paper is in Swedish.