Evaluate treatment technologies

Effect-based methods can be used to evaluate new technologies before full-scale investments

Evaluate new treatment solutions

The water sector is facing major new investments to replace old systems, meet an increased water demand, and increased environmental requirements to reduce the risks of chemical pollutants in the water. The wastewater treatment plants are investing in new technical solutions to remove pharmaceutical residues and other chemical contaminants. The drinking water utilities are planning investments in chemical barriers to protect drinking water consumers from chemical contaminants present in the raw water.

Selecting the best technical solutions for water treatment is a major challenge, as we have very limited knowledge regarding which chemical pollutants that are hazardous to humans and the environment. It is especially challenging, as these compounds occur in very complex mixtures. Our effect-based methods can be used to evaluate how efficiently new treatment techniques are removing chemicals that are hazardous to humans and the environment, both known and unknown substances. Thus, costly investments in treatment technologies with limited efficiency can be avoided. Our methods have been used to evaluate new technical solutions at several of Sweden’s largest drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.

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