Together with Aalto University we will provide detailed information about effect-based methods, why the methods are needed, and how they can be used to improve water quality monitoring in drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. Further, two examples from real-case applications using effect-based monitoring in Finnish and Swedish wastewater and drinking water treatment plants will be presented.

Riku Vahala, Prof. Aalto University – Welcome and introduction
Johan Lundqvist, Associate Prof., SLU – Effect-based methods for water quality assessment
Helene Ejhed, Environmental engineer, Norrvatten – A practical example on the application of effect-based methods for a Swedish drinking water treatment plant
Pia Talja, Scientific Officer, European Chemicals Agency – Toxicity of emerging contaminants – Effect-based assessment of wastewater treatment plants in Finland
Elin Lavonen, Water Specialist, BioCell Analytica – Examples of Swedish projects: “MiKe – screening for toxic effects in 16 Swedish WTPs” and “Effect-based analyzes to evaluate treatment efficacy and environmental hazards in wastewater”

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