Nyhet eng - webinar (1)

This morning, we had a webinar: Effect-based methods for wastewater. Participants included stakeholders from both Sweden and Norway – it’s incredibly exciting to see the growing interest in both effect-based methods and BioCell Analytica.

During the webinar, Johan Lundqvist, co-founder of BioCell Analytica and Associate Professor in molecular toxicology, provided an overview of effect-based methods in cultured cells. Elin Lavonen, our water specialist with a Ph.D. in environmental assessment, shared previous project results and discussed VIVAB’S project with Moshe Habagil, covering both Getteröverket and pilot experiments. Finally, Agneta Oskarsson, co-founder of BioCell Analytica and Professor of food toxicology, presented our White Papers. We received great questions from participants, leading to very interesting discussions. Thanks to everyone who participated!

We are planning to conduct webinars in English in the upcoming year!